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UTP helps turn great students into great people.
On both an academic level and a personal level, our students have
fantastic things to say about their experiences at our partner schools.

Juan Medina
Hometown: Madrid, Spain
Program: Exchange Year

There are a lot of schools in the
U.S. and I am talking from
experience, as I've studied in three
of them. There's no other
international program better than
that at Saint Anthony's High

Luu, Hoang Ha
Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
Program: High School Diploma

The Language Foundation
program at the International
Learning Center has allowed me
to improve my English language
level in many ways. After taking
the courses I feel much more
confident in my reading, writing
and spoken English.

Mengxian, Ma
Hometown: Guangzhou, China
Program: High School Diploma

Fairmont's language foundation
gives students the chance to
improve their language abilities.
These courses allow students to
feel much more prepared when
taking all the advanced
coursework that Fairmont
has to offer.