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UTPress: November/December 2018

Posted by Kelly Casey December 20, 2018

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UTPress: October 2018

Posted by Kelly Casey October 30, 2018

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UTPress: September 2018

Posted by Kelly Casey September 18, 2018

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UTPress: July 2018

Posted by Kelly Casey July 10, 2018

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UTPress: June 2018

Posted by Kelly Casey June 06, 2018

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UTPress: May 2018

Posted by Kelly Casey May 04, 2018

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UTPress: March 2018

Posted by Kelly Casey April 02, 2018

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ICEF Miami Welcome Reception Gallery

Posted by UTP High Schools December 11, 2017

UTP High Schools, which offers specialized programs for international students in US high schools, hosted the ICEF Miami Welcome Reception earlier in December.

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7 Tips to Integrate English Language Learners into Mainstream Classrooms

Posted by Peter Graves November 17, 2017

We have all been there. You’re teaching your lesson, moving right along, and then you look over to see your English Language Learner (ELL) staring at you with pleading, questioning eyes.  You know the student doesn’t understand, but you can’t slow down or lower your lexical level for fear of the other students losing interest in the class. This conundrum has been at the root of many pedagogical discussions over the years. However, there is no perfect solution.

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PIE Chat: John McDonough

Posted by UTP High Schools October 15, 2017

McDonough spoke to The PIE News about how he built the business from the ground up, the challenges they face and their plans for the future.

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